Thursday, October 16, 2014

Smelly Mellie

Oh Shonda thank you for taking over ABC on Thursday Nights. I have been a Grey's fan for years. I even purchased some of the Meredith Grey collection from New York & Company years ago. Which makes me think about how much I miss that cardigan. 

Last Thanksgiving Break I binged on Scandal and have been completely obsessed ever since. I am #TeamJake. No shame here to admit.  I will say I do feel for Fitz and Olivia but deep down Jake is the better option. Some of the Fitz/Olivia scenes are the most real emotions I have ever watched on TV. Like every other girl in the country, I would love to have my own Vermont life. 
While I love OPA, Mellie has been my homegirl. After Mellie wore a kimono one Ep this season, I looked for the same one online. Sadly I did not want to spend 89 dollars, so I found one similar-ish on Amazon. (Haters keep on hating, but I love my kimono) It's a great piece that you can lounge around in or while getting ready for your day. 

After watching tonight's Scandal (which I always rewatch the next day or so to pick up on things that I miss) I like the rest of the Twitter World lost it when Fitz called out Mellie by calling her Smelly Mellie. 

Now let's briefly talk about the new addition to #TGIT- How to Get Away with Murder. I will say that it definitely will make you want to tune in the following week to see what is going to happen next. But Shonda just gives you a tiny bit of a huge story line each week, I get super confused on what has happened and what is happening. Also there are moments where I loose interest, but the final few moments each week will blow your mind and you have to tune in next week to see what else is going to happen 
I am not quite ready to write it off just yet, I just need lots of recaps. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

I could listen to Lana Del Rey sing a grocery list, but that would mean I would have to make a grocery list.

Seriously, why am I not over listening to Lana Del Rey every single day? Ever since Midtown Music Festival, I have been obsessed with her music. I have tried to listen to other artists during the day at work, but I always end up going back to her. I must have listened to Diet Mountain Dew 200 times. I have moved on from that song, to Old Money which you can find on her newest album "Ultraviolence" 

I will say, the first time you listen to it... you will hate it. I did. But give it a couple listens on the ol' itunes and you will be hooked. 

This past weekend, my school hosted it's breast cancer awareness game. While getting ready for the game, I realized that I do not own pink clothing. I have a few pink dresses and one pink cardi, but that is it. So I stacked my accessories and the pink Bauble Bar bracelet I got a month ago, was the perfect accessory. It also gave me an opportunity to wear my Lilly Pulitzer blue and pink rope bracelet that I have had for years.  

Occasionally, I try to be domestic, (which for some reason shocks people) so on Sunday I broke out the Kitchen Aid and baked some Candy Corn Cupcakes. I love fall, just as much as every other basic out there, but Pumpkin Spice on most things I can do without. I am not a fan of the PSL, sorry not sorry. So when I was in Kroger last week, I picked up some Candy Corn frosting to try. Hoping it was much better than the watermelon limited edition frosting that I bought over the summer and threw away. 

The cupcakes ended up being a nice treat for my coworkers on this dreary Monday. Let's see if I can keep up with this cooking thing people do lol. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

She's the Oldest One Here

I would like to start by thanking my parents for giving me such youthful looking skin and while I am in my thirties, I still look like I should be in my early twenties.

Left- High School  Right- Two years ago
God bless genetics!

There have been times over the years when people have mistaken my age. My friends favorite story to tell is when we went to eat at a sports bar after a collegiate basketball game and they all checked IDs. They checked mine at first with no issues, we are about to walk in when the security guy stops and said he made a mistake and thought I was under 21. (PS. I was 30) A good friend of mine responded with "Wait, she's the oldest one here" so now it's a running joke wherever we go.

Fast forward to 2014 and this past week. Since it was indeed homecoming weekend, I attended a local establishment and they carded everyone as they entered. They stopped me and asked if I could state my address, to make sure I was who I said I was. Once again, I was the oldest one there in my group. Yes, I have changed my hair since my last ID photo was taken, but really? Do I look that much different? Naturally, I took it as a compliment and thought to myself, "Yep, I still look like a college student." I also believe that by working on a college campus and being surrounded by students they keep you young. It's everyone who works in higher education's fountain of youth, that and benefit makeup ;)

Fast forward to last night. I attended my sorority's initiation, because a very close friend of mine whom I have watched grow from a child to an adult was being initiated, and I got to be part of that.

It was a lovely evening, and will always be a special moment I got to share with her.

Afterwards, a group from the chapter went to dinner. As we were leaving another new member came up to Deveney and me and said, "It's really cool that your mom got to be here tonight." SHE THOUGHT I WAS HER MOM. Just five days before someone thought I was under 21, then last night someone else thought I was old enough to have a college freshman as a child. I am still trying to process all what happened. So I am just going to go watch Gossip Girl, listen to Taylor Swift and go buy a new North Face Jacket to cope.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Top 3 Favs of the Moment

I know I have been slacking for a while. A few weeks ago, I went to Midtown Music Festival with some really good friends. It was amazing and I got to see so many absolutely amazing artists. Maybe I will get around to doing a full recap some day lol. After Atlanta, I got sick and before I knew it was my alma mater's homecoming last weekend. It is always good celebrating my school which has grown so dear to me.

Today's post is a quick things that I am currently loving.  

1. My amazing new Kate Spade "If these walls could talk" phone case. I have had an otterbox case on my iphone 5s for almost a year, however it really didn't survive Midtown, so I needed to find a new one. Found this little gem from on sale. (Side note, very rarely you will see me purchase something full price) It's a hybrid case, which means it came with a bumper. After my tragic phone disaster of 2013, I get a little nervous about my cases. 

This was definitely the theme song of HoCo 2014. Everywhere we went, we made sure this song played. It's so upbeat and fun, you just can't help dancing. I am counting down the days until 1989 is released. 

Now that it's October, I can wear my all time favorite nail polish OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. It is that perfect deep dark purple that just screams fall! I may not be all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte's  (PSL) but fall to me means LPAD.