Monday, October 13, 2014

I could listen to Lana Del Rey sing a grocery list, but that would mean I would have to make a grocery list.

Seriously, why am I not over listening to Lana Del Rey every single day? Ever since Midtown Music Festival, I have been obsessed with her music. I have tried to listen to other artists during the day at work, but I always end up going back to her. I must have listened to Diet Mountain Dew 200 times. I have moved on from that song, to Old Money which you can find on her newest album "Ultraviolence" 

I will say, the first time you listen to it... you will hate it. I did. But give it a couple listens on the ol' itunes and you will be hooked. 

This past weekend, my school hosted it's breast cancer awareness game. While getting ready for the game, I realized that I do not own pink clothing. I have a few pink dresses and one pink cardi, but that is it. So I stacked my accessories and the pink Bauble Bar bracelet I got a month ago, was the perfect accessory. It also gave me an opportunity to wear my Lilly Pulitzer blue and pink rope bracelet that I have had for years.  

Occasionally, I try to be domestic, (which for some reason shocks people) so on Sunday I broke out the Kitchen Aid and baked some Candy Corn Cupcakes. I love fall, just as much as every other basic out there, but Pumpkin Spice on most things I can do without. I am not a fan of the PSL, sorry not sorry. So when I was in Kroger last week, I picked up some Candy Corn frosting to try. Hoping it was much better than the watermelon limited edition frosting that I bought over the summer and threw away. 

The cupcakes ended up being a nice treat for my coworkers on this dreary Monday. Let's see if I can keep up with this cooking thing people do lol. 

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