Thursday, October 16, 2014

Smelly Mellie

Oh Shonda thank you for taking over ABC on Thursday Nights. I have been a Grey's fan for years. I even purchased some of the Meredith Grey collection from New York & Company years ago. Which makes me think about how much I miss that cardigan. 

Last Thanksgiving Break I binged on Scandal and have been completely obsessed ever since. I am #TeamJake. No shame here to admit.  I will say I do feel for Fitz and Olivia but deep down Jake is the better option. Some of the Fitz/Olivia scenes are the most real emotions I have ever watched on TV. Like every other girl in the country, I would love to have my own Vermont life. 
While I love OPA, Mellie has been my homegirl. After Mellie wore a kimono one Ep this season, I looked for the same one online. Sadly I did not want to spend 89 dollars, so I found one similar-ish on Amazon. (Haters keep on hating, but I love my kimono) It's a great piece that you can lounge around in or while getting ready for your day. 

After watching tonight's Scandal (which I always rewatch the next day or so to pick up on things that I miss) I like the rest of the Twitter World lost it when Fitz called out Mellie by calling her Smelly Mellie. 

Now let's briefly talk about the new addition to #TGIT- How to Get Away with Murder. I will say that it definitely will make you want to tune in the following week to see what is going to happen next. But Shonda just gives you a tiny bit of a huge story line each week, I get super confused on what has happened and what is happening. Also there are moments where I loose interest, but the final few moments each week will blow your mind and you have to tune in next week to see what else is going to happen 
I am not quite ready to write it off just yet, I just need lots of recaps. 

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