Monday, December 8, 2014

Vest Week Ever!

Today starts the Vest Week Ever! This week I am going to share my vest of the day. You may also see a lot of plaid thrown in the mix this week as well. I am combining my two favorite obsessions of the season vests and plaid in my every day work flow. 

Monday's vest is actually a vest I have own for many years now. It's from the Gap outlet and it's been great as a go to never out of style vest. It does have a hood which has come in handy for many Black Fridays when standing in line outside of Target. 

The plaid shirt I am wearing is from Old Navy and I got it on Black Friday for 50% off. It's very comfy and is a nice relax fit. It also gives adds plaid into the mix. 

Be on the look out for Tuesday's #vestweekever 

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