Monday, September 15, 2014

Laughter Through Tears is My Favorite Emotion & Other Random Facts

It all started with a Lisa Frank Diary. Just like every other girl growing up in the 80's I had my fair share of Lisa Frank apparel (this also includes a birthday party theme.) As a child, I thought my Lisa Frank Diary was just the perfect spot to talk about life like most girls did. However, I loved making lists. Top movies I enjoyed, favorite Christmas presents, Barbies and all of their accessories. Then like most diaries that were kept at this age, I just stopped writing down stuff down.

Let's move on to high school. It was the late 90's at this point and everyone was all about some America Online and the Internet. After creating my first yahoo email address, I quickly started collecting people's emails. "What better way to correspond with people than to send them an electronic mail!", I thought. So one day, I created my first "electronic blog" it was a daily email I would send out titled "The Daily Dose of Me" Once again I was talking about random pop culture moments, songs that I was jamming out to, and just my thoughts in general. And for some reason, people seemed to enjoy it. I would get replies back with, "I love starting my morning with this." And if I missed a week, I would get emails asking if everything is ok. 

Soon came college life, and before Facebook there was Xanga. My friends and I lived and breathed for Xanga. A place where you can post anything you want and have friends comment = many hours wasted on the computer. Xanga was king for quite a few years, until a little thing called Facebook came along. I remember the day my school got FB. I was working a summer camp the summer before and a few of my teammates went to schools that had FB accounts. I was soooooo jealous. More than anything I wanted to have a FB account. I didn't have to wait that long, because within the first few weeks of grad school, my wish came true! Yes, I dabbled in myspace, because it was trendy. But FB that was where it was at. 

After graduation, I still couldn't quite leave the college life, so I started working at my alma mater. Which leads me to present day, and my current career- Social Media. What once started off as something I did for fun, has turned into my job. I can truly say that I love what I do, and I am blessed that I enjoy what I do. 

Which brings me to today and the reason I am starting this blog. It's no secret I love online shopping and discussing current pop culture events. True Life: I took a personal day for Michael Jackson's funeral.

So sometimes trying to discuss these topics, one needs more than 140 characters. Also today, I had 2 coworkers at separate times tell me, I need to start a blog on these very topics. So... it is what it is bro. 

Now to leave you with 10 things you may need to know about me. 

1. I love Mt. Dew and not Diet Mt. Dew, but the hard stuff. 
2. Dolly Parton is my spirit animal 
3. To quote Ms. Parton in my all time favorite movie Steel Magnolias, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." And yes, it really is my favorite emotion. 
4. Online shopping is my life. Being an hour away from the closest mall will help feed that addiction.
5. Beyonce and Jay Z are NOT getting a divorce, so stop talking about it. 
6. My ipod mix is the most random mix you will ever see. It can go from Iggy, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, with some Elton John thrown in there, followed with George Strait and finish off with some Missy Elliott. 
7. "Well I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town. Probably die in a small town."- John Mellencamp (See what I did there)
8. One can never have too many J. Crew cardigans. 
9. Occasionally I have been told that I sometimes act like a 12 year old boy. 

10. I bought Jay Z and Beyonce stickers for my Lilly planner. 

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